Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Notes on Purim from Rav Arush Lecture

When one hears the Megilla being read, he should be thinking of how the story applies to himself, about the Haman in himself, the Mordechai and Esther in himself. If the Megilla is read "lemafrea" - just to know what took place back in history, he has not fulfilled his obligation. One must concentrate and understand that the Megilla applies to him right now too. It is good to review the Megilla before Purim - with commentaries if possible, so that one can better understand and appreciate the great wonders that are contained within.

One should take advantage of the great holiness of the day and maximize his time in personal prayer. We are told that anyone who puts out his hand receives, this means that anyone who prays to Hashem for whatever he wants is able to attain it on the day of Purim.

Therefore, one should try his best to spend several hours the night of Purim, either right after the meal or  go to sleep early and arise at midnight, in personal prayer. It is our once in a year chance to create huge miracles. Not everyday is Purim! Pray for getting rid of all our bodily desires and lusts, pray for Torah, holiness, shalom Bayit, the success of our children, and even for material things in order to better serve Hashem.

One should not drink any alcohol whatsoever on the night of purim. We are only commanded to drink during the daytime meal. Anyone who drinks at night is making it clear that he is only drinking for his own desires to get drunk and is not at all drinking to fulfill the command of the King, who commanded us to drink only in the day.

The purpose of the drinking wine is to gain Daat. When wine goes in, the "sod" - deeper understanding comes out. The wine is supposed to get us to not know the difference between Baruch Mordechai and Arur Haman, that is, Even Haman, the seemingly bad is Baruch - blessed. That is, we want to use the wine to help us come to understand that all Hashem has ever done, is doing and will do is only good! Even if it seems bad, we can be happy about it, since if it is from Hashem, it can only be good. This is the main reason for the wine - not to become a foolish drunk, to loose our daat, rather to increase it. Therefore, one must pray before every cup he drinks that the wine should have this good effect on him, and not bring him to foolish drunkenness, Heaven forbid.

By the way, only wine is to be drunk - no other alcohols and certainly not any other substances have any other place in our Avodat Hashem on Purim.

It is also very important to sing and dance alot on Purim!

Also the Rav spoke about costumes. The costume should be an expression of what we desire to be, some desire in holiness. Purim is not some sort of costume party where we dress up as animals, pirates, policemen, firemen, spaceman or any other non holy related thing. As we all know, the clothing we wear on the outside effects the desires and feelings we have on the inside. (We all know that when we put on our super tight pants and red leather zipper jackets, it makes us feel like Michel Jackson He! He!- added by me). So therefore on Purim, we should be very careful what we chose to dress ourselves and our children as and remember that we want to desire and yearn for holiness and true service of Hashem on this very holy day.

Lastly the Rav warned against the use of any fire or loud popping explosive things. These things should not be touched at all - they are not at all in the spirit of the day and they scare people.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Prophet Isaiah on The End of Days

In Chapter 3 and 4, the Prophet Isaiah tells us what to expect in the End of Days.
He lets us know who will be worthy of being around to see it and who will have to be sifted out before the Moshiach will arrive.
Better to know this sooner than later...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

When all the Banks Fall

Message from Menachem, Tammuz 5770
I want to speak about The Golden Calf, and tell you that its end is very close. I want to tell you that it will all collapse and there will not remain any money or any coin that anyone can call money. The whole banking world will disappear for it is all built upon complete falsehood.
Once upon a time a person was able to make a purchase with a gold coin or a silver coin or some item of value, but now we almost don't see anything like this at all, just paper notes, credit cards and checks. All of a person's wealth is registered in some computer in the bank, and even if he is a millionaire, all he has to show for it is some large house, fancy car, etc. plus all of his credit cards and some large number written on his bank statement. But one day soon it will all disappear, the computers will stop working and there won't be any paper money left. Not only this, but the person himself will undergo a big "shock", because he has a car that needs gas – but the credit cards won't work, and he has a house that needs electricity – but this will also stop working. So then how is he a millionaire, with what?
The whole world of finance will fall because Hashem wants it to fall. The people who set it up have a lot of desire for money, for power and for honor and they built up a dream world. But it is really a dream world because it only exists in your dreams. The whole banking system is one big giant falsehood, and those who are involved in it are so deep into this falsehood that they actually think it is legitimate.
These deceivers are found in all different countries, including third world countries. They have all fashioned their own currencies, whether it be the Euro, the Dollar, the Sterling, it makes no difference what they call it, they are just pieces of paper that is printed at all times when they need more money. If the insurance agencies were found to have stolen too much money from their customers – no problem, just print more money to cover the deficit. And all the heads of state, the Parliament, the Congress, the Knesset, and anywhere else you may run to, they are all a part of this great big lie.
And who suffers? The simple people, who are not part of this club.

 All the money will have the value of toilet paper, and this is no joke. When all the banks fall, the shock that will accompany it will be stronger than if a nuclear bomb would drop. For what would be if a nuclear bomb drops? A person would simply die. But when a person will enter into the reality that there is simply no money, no banks, no electricity, no doctors, no medical clinics, no markets – all the things that the person felt gave his life security – he will enter into complete shock. And what will a person like this do? He can easily loose his life, for he will not know what to do, how to live, who to go to for help… for he will not think of turning to Hashem! But we have said this time and time again, that the Jews who are genuinely trying to get closer to Hashem, they will be saved G-d willing and merit to see the days of Moshiach and have eternal life.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Letter of Encouragement to Women by Rabbanit Leah Kook

To all my precious Rebbetzins and to all the good and kosher Daughters of Israel who are publicly sanctifying the name of Hashem. Our Father in Heaven is pleased with you, and the heavenly angels take pride in you. You resemble the Kohen Gadol who wore many beautiful and holy garments for the honor of Hashem. The Kohen atoned for the sins of Israel with his holy and pure garments, so too it is in our generation; women and precious girls who are wearing clothing for the honor of Hashem such as the shawl and respectable and holy head coverings are atoning for the generation. It's worth it therefore to stay strong in spite of the bit of insult and mocking you may receive for the sake of our Father in Heaven and for the sake of our Holy Torah and for the sake of Tzniut (modesty)!

If you could only see what incredible pleasure you are bringing to the Creator of The World you would be as happy as Miriam the prophetess with her drums. Sara Shnirer who was the epitome of modesty and concealment, who was totally faithful and connected to her Father in Heaven, had stones thrown at her because of this. She was not upset; rather she turned to Hashem and said, "With these stones, I will build for Your honor the Beit Yaakov School."

So it is the same with you, you holy and precious souls who are so beloved above. You are bringing joy to all the worlds with your modesty, head coverings, shawls, and extra coverings – done for the sake of Heaven with humility and happiness. With this we will build for our Father the righteous women's gallery in the Heavenly Beit Hamikdash.

I love you all with all my soul and I pray for you all 24 hours a day. My feet are in Teveria, but my heart is in Yerushalayim the Holy City.

Your Tehillim are protecting all of Israel. Waiting every moment for the complete and final redemption, G-d willing.
Your sister, Leah Kook

Monday, July 9, 2012

Rav Ovadia Yossef on Wigs / Sheitels (with English translation)

Peah Nochrit (wigs)
This is Absolutely Forbidden!!!

There are more than 20 poskim who say that this is completely forbidden, it is absolutely forbidden to go out of the house into the public streets wearing a peah nochrit (wig). It is just as if you are going out with a completely uncovered head. Just like it is forbidden for a married woman to go out with her hair uncovered, it is equally forbidden for a married woman to go out with a wig on.
 There was a great gaon, Rebbe Pinchas Horovitz, a world sized giant, Rebbe Pinchus Leibush Horovitz, he took his beit din with him and they took a Sefer Torah with them and they pronounced a cherem (a decree of excommunication) on any woman who would wear a peah nochrit (wig). Who can violate a cherem of a man as great as this?! He was a giant, a giant in Torah… To violate his cherem… Who would violate such a persons' cherem? This is in addition to the fact that there were many Gaonim who have written explicitly that wigs are forbidden.

Any Rav who is lenient regarding wigs will face judgement for it in the future!

The Gaon of Vilna writes in his sefer on the Mishnayot explicitly that wigs are forbidden.
The Gaon Yaabetz writes extensively in his sefer 'Mor Uktziah' and in his sefer 'Tshuvot Yaabetz' very explicitly that wigs are absolutely forbidden!
The Chatam Sofer writes, "After the Gaon Yaabetz has thusly said, it is certainly necessary to forbid wigs."
The Maharif Chiyut in his sefer 'Ish Chiyut' writes in one of his teshuvot (halachic responsas), "It has already been forbidden by the greatest of the world and there is no room for leniency in this matter. Only the apikorsim (heretics), the minim and apikorsim are the ones who are lenient in this matter. Everyone else is very cautious in this matter."
Rav Chaim MiSanz writes in his sefer 'Shu"t Divrei Chaim' as follows, "It is the actresses, wild and immodest women, they began with this practice. Many have learned from them, we have mixed with the goyim and learned from their ways."
To my great sorrow, I have heard of many good girls who would prefer to wear a cloth head covering, and the boys, those learning in the Yeshivot are making conditions not to date them unless they commit to only wearing a wig after marriage. What Yeshiva students are these? These are ignoramuses, fools, wicked people! They are defaming the name of Hashem. People who ask for things like this learn in a yeshiva?! What Torah are they learning? They will have to face judgement for this in the future.
The author of the sefer 'Atzei Arazim' in Even Haezer writes, "I am certain that any Rav who is lenient in the matter of wigs will have to face judgement in the future!"